NEW marketplace supporting local, Aussie makers and a sustainable way of life. is an online marketplace and community for Australian makers to share and sell their high quality products; while community members can shop, learn, and be inspired to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Every item available on MIAS Market goes through a review process to ensure only sustainable, high quality products are available.

Why I made the website? I came up with the idea after being frustrated sifting through online marketplaces and stores to find quality products that are handmade in Australia from sustainable fibres. Not only that, but as a small business owner of an ethical brand (, I wanted an online community to not only share products but to share ideas.

Mission: To increase awareness of quality, Australian handmade products which support a sustainable lifestyle and to support local businesses in the industry.

Example products include: Bowls handcrafted from recycled paper, high quality handcrafted leather back packs, Australian themed recycled sterling silver jewellery, reusable face-cleansing pads, hand printed linens & home wares and much more.

Currently we have 35+ vendors, 150+ products (more to come this week) and almost 5 000 Instagram supporters.

What are my hopes and aspirations for MIAS Market? It is planned that MIAS Market will become the go-to online destination for people who are after high quality products which are crafted from Australian hands and where possible, Australian materials.

Extra features: Blogs are a fantastic opportunity not only for makers to tell their story but also for the community to be inspired, learn and develop their thinking and way of life. A blog dedicated to our sustainable makers and the sustainable living way of life provides insight into the best sustainable living tips, the latest advances in the industry and the ways of Australian craftspeople.

Users can find out more or explore the gorgeous products available, via the website is live for visitors as of the 1st of June, 2016.

Contact info:

o    Founder: Bronwyn Kidd, 0479 150 002, Email:

Social media: instagram: @miasmarket; Facebook: MIASMarketAustralia