SAFE TOWING: Innovations that Make for the Best Roadside Service Provider in Cary, NC

There are endless possibilities why a vehicle malfunctions, endures an accident, or sometimes, just gets stuck in the middle of nowhere. Every situation is different and is one thing that every owner would want to avoid at all costs. But inevitably, there will always come a time when you get caught up in a mishap and will need a little extra hand to fix a problematic car. Safe Towing is a dedicated roadside service company that offers innovative Cary towing and recovery for vehicles that get stuck on the roads. They have an innovative way of handling different situations that motorists may find themselves in. By using different techniques and up-to-date equipment that can adapt to any predicament, Safe Towing gives you several significant reasons why, when you find yourself in need of an extra roadside assistance, they are the company to call.


“Whether you have a car, truck, motorbike, or other type of vehicle, Safe Towing is ready for you.”

A unique and innovative equipment that Safe Towing uses is their flatbed tow trucks. These specialized trucks are built to be able to tow any kind or type of vehicle in need of help. Their trucks are equipped with low profile beds that are lower than standard flatbed tow trucks. The difference, although it seems simple, alters the way the trucks can adapt to different vehicles or situations wherein towing may be needed. With the low profile beds, the specific incline allows for an effective towing of vehicles with very low ground clearances. From any car, any model, to any vehicle that needs towing service, their company can guarantee that their trucks are thoroughly equipped to be able to provide high quality services that adapt to the kind of road situation you are in.

The company provides safe Cary towing and recovery for both residential and commercial clients. This includes the towing of heavy load trucks and farm equipment, too. These services are an extension of the adaptability the company has thrived to develop. They are in the business to help anyone in need. Their services include accident towing, car lockouts, flatbed towing, jump starts, tire change, vehicle recovery and winch-outs. They even pay cash for your unwanted ‘junk car;’ whether it be running, not running, totaled, titled or not, cars, trucks or any vehicle for that matter. And above that, they will tow the vehicle out of your property for free. They offer day and night services, professional customer service, and private property tow. Safe Towing is a company that does it all.


As another innovative idea, the company assures that their services go beyond just towing or recovering vehicles. To confirm that you are receiving the best possible service they can give, they do several things. First, to maximize the safety during loading, transport, and offloading, they confirm that every service vehicle is in top working condition to avoid any unwanted accident during the process of recovery or towing. Second, they have a specific and regular review of their tow truck operators’ knowledge of safety procedures on the road and safety related to securing, hooking, and retrieving vehicles. These small gestures have a solid impact on the care and customer service the company provides. These minute details that are put into effort to better the experience of clients are what makes Safe Towing the go-to company for all Cary towing needs.

According to, 90% of American households had at least one car in 2009. This statistic is not exactly surprising as we do not only use personal cars as our main form of transportation; many other vehicles are also used for business and leisure alike. Since they started in 2008, Cary towing and recovery service has since become more than just a roadside service for the company. They have developed a straightforward work ethics, where they will do anything in their power to help any vehicle, in any situation, at any time their service is needed. These different innovations make for a great service and even better results. Safe Towing has created a goal to not just tow or recover vehicles but to further extend their hand into actually helping customers get back on track from whatever unfortunate incident they get involved in. For more details on the services they offer, you can give them a call at 919-235-2979.