UpRight Construction tips; what to do when you experience water damage

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - The team at UpRight Construction & Restoration Services provide professional Water Mitigation services throughout all of Fremont County. What is mitigation you ask? Mitigation means to stop water from causing further damage. "On a clean water loss, if we start the mitigation process on the first or second day, we can dry most things in place, which is a win for everyone," explained Dave Case, UpRight Construction owner.
Not too many people plan ahead for water damage. It is one of those things that you simply do not think about until it happens. "Let me identify a few of the most costly mistakes people make, so if you ever have water damage, you will avoid making these potentially pricey decisions," said Dave.
The Waiting Game. "The most costly mistake we see property owners make is to wait for their insurance adjuster to show up and tell them whether or not they have insurance coverage. Sometimes the adjuster does not show up for days, and by that time you can almost always count on costly repairs," explained Dave.
It is always best to treat a water loss like an emergency and start the mitigation as soon as possible. If it ends up not being covered by your insurance policy, the sooner you mitigate, the less the cost out of your pocket.
Dumb Water vs. Smart Water. "Everyone can see dumb water (standing water, water sloshing up around your feet when you walk across the carpet, drywall saturated to the point that it has swelled etc.). Nobody can see smart water (moisture in the carpet pad but not the carpet, moisture wicked up drywall but not swelled etc.). Simply stated, water mitigation is removing the dumb water and then drawing out the smart water with air movement and dehumidification."
Some people like to tackle their own problems, but water knows how to hide really well and without the right training and the right equipment, you could unknowingly leave behind some smart water. "Professional water mitigation is always an unplanned expense, but in the end it is usually less expensive than if you were to tackle it yourself," Dave mentioned.
When water damage happens to you, remember these simple tips to minimize the damage and cost as much as possible.
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Feature Image: The Water Mitigation Crew; (L-R) Chance, Seth and Hunter / Pitchengine Communities