Companies Like 3DesignCenter Could Impact Supply Chain, Business Source Says

May 20,2014 - British business portal the Business Observer has recently run a feature regarding the changes 3D printing, and companies who specialise in it (such as 3DesignCenter) may be having on the commercial supply chain.


According to the article in question, the manifold potentialities of this technology, more uses for which are found with regularity, have been effecting important changes in the way supply chains work in the global economy. This is especially true of the past five years, the article considers, as that was the period in which 3D printing hardware and software first became available to the general public.


These changes will, according to the article, mostly be related to faster production times, along with a reduction in the levels of material waste derived from the manufacturing process. This is bound to be particularly beneficial to small and medium enterprises such as 3DesignCenter, as it may also help reduce overhead costs derived from the purchase of raw matter and other necessary expenses. Doing away with the middleman means these companies will be able to purchase the necessary materials at significantly lower prices than before, eventually causing supply chains to shift from consumer-driven to manufacturer-driven.


In other industries, such as aero-spatial engineering, these changes have been making themselves felt in slightly different ways. These fields tend to have rigid supply-chain structures in place, and will therefore (according to the article) need to adapt to the shifting paradigm. Industries in this area will need to get used to a more localised model, rather than the current globalised supply chains in place. Customised production, based on each client’s needs, may also emerge as a trend as a result of this shift in status quo.


As for the quickly growing phenomenon of ‘home’ 3D printing, specialists quoted by the piece consider that it is unlikely to take off to the scale to which some layman voices predict it will. This is thought to be more of a novelty trend, which does not threaten to replace commercial production through high profile companies like 3DesignCenter any time soon.


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