A parent’s life is getting busier by the day. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything a parent has to do. Working at least 8 hours a day takes up a large portion of a parent’s time. But there’s still general house cleaning, shopping, cooking.. The list goes on and on. What about the kids? When they want to go to the park and play, but you still have to do the grocery shopping, what do you do?

With all the dangers that exist in the world today, letting the kids play at the park on their own isn’t much of an option. So you bring them along. We all know how that story goes. The grocery shopping takes twice as long and you end up coming home even more stressed and tired than you were when you left.

But what if you could let them play at the park, while you do the shopping, and keep an eye on them, all at the same time?

SafeTcom was invented to let you do just that!

A young mother from Melbourne Australia and a software developer from Brisbane led a small team to create a fool proof solution for time poor parents the world over. SafeTCom is the world’s first wearable safety and telecommunications device that offers parents everywhere a way to stay in touch, and monitor their children whenever they can’t be there to watch over them in person.

These days, we hear horrible stories from around the world, where a child simply walking to school doesn’t return home. In some cases, these poor kids are never heard from again. SafeTcom was created to ensure that the dangers faced by children everywhere, are at the very least significantly reduced. Nothing is better than a parent’s direct supervision. And with SafeTcom, you will always be able to supervise them, no matter where you are.

Better yet, if they need you, they press one button, and they’re instantly connected to you. SafeTcom is also a far better alternative to a conventional mobile phone for kids. Unlike conventional mobile phones, SafeTCom is attached externally to the child’s clothing via the smart clip at the rear of the device. Studies have concluded that giving children under 12 years old conventional smartphones can do more harm than good. A child constantly looking at a smartphone screen can result in cognitive and creative impairment. Let’s not forget that staring at a screen all day will damage anyone’s eyes, let alone a child’s. That’s not including the problems that come with having unrestricted access to the internet, which may expose the child to further dangers.

Conventional mobile phones are expensive to buy, equally as expensive to repair or replace, and by allowing friends access to their phone, an unpleasant surprise awaits you when the huge phone bill comes around. Smartphones aren’t designed to be used by children. SafeTcom is.


SafeTCom is super strong, small, and lightweight. The device is also shock and waterproof, it really is child proof. It can withstand anything a child can literally throw at it.

When used as a mobile phone, it’s simply a matter of pressing one of the two speed dial buttons, and they’re connected to whomever the parent has programmed into the speed dial buttons. Call Mom, or call Dad. That’s the only choice the child will have to make.

When used by parents, SafeTcom becomes the ultimate monitoring system. Working with the multi-platform SafeTcom app installed on the parent’s mobile device, a parent will be able to remotely activate and access SafeTcoms built in GPS locater, HD camera, and crystal clear audio, from wherever the child may be.

This means that through the SafeTcom app, the parent will see exactly where the child is on a map, and for the first time on a mobile device, stream live and real time HD video and audio, straight from the child’s SafeTcom, to the parent’s mobile device. A parent will see exactly what the child sees, and know what they’re up to. SafeTcom will act as a parent’s eyes and ears no matter where they are. Better yet, SafeTcom allows a parent to set boundaries on where their child is allowed to play. If the child leaves those boundaries, SafeTcom will alert the parent instantly. Even when walking to school, a parent will know where their child is every step of the way, and be prepared to act instantly if the child leaves the designated path.

The system also features proximity sensors built into bracelets and shoe tags that the child can wear.

If the device is ever accidentally knocked off the child, or if it is every forcefully removed, an ultra-loud alarm will sound from the SafeTcom device, alerting anyone within 50 meters that something isn’t right, while notifying the parent immediately. The child will never lose the device, and you will know immediately if something isn’t right, and be prepared to act instantly.

No matter if the child is walking to school, going to a friend’s house, or just playing at the local park, SafeTcom will always be there to help a parent watch over their child.


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