Convenient and Easy to Use AMR to AIFF Converter

People looking for specifically designed software that converts AMR files to AIFF format can find the AMR to AIFF converter very useful.

This converter comes with a simple and plain intuitive software interface that has few simple features which can be used by novices and professional equally well. The application is specifically designed to convert AMR files to the AIFF format thus the output quality is really great. The conversion process is also very simple where users can import the files to be converted to the conversion list and choose the convert option specifying the output destination. It also offers the choice to change the sample rate, bitrate and channels of the output files and many other features. An added advantage is that it detects the hardware of the system and adjusts the conversion process accordingly.

The program is compatible with various operating systems and offers fast conversion along with the conversion progress details such as the time elapsed, type of files and conversion speed. The batch conversion option helps in getting multiple files converted and save time for the users. Once the conversion process is complete, the AIFF files in the output folder can be played.

About AMR to AIFF converter

AMR to AIFF converter helps in converting files from the AMR format to the AIFF format without compromising on quality. The tool has a simple and plain intuitive interface with simple features that are easy to comprehend and suitable for anyone to use irrespective of their technological expertise. Batch conversion saves time and conversion process gets adjusted automatically as the software can detect the hardware of the system. This converter allows quick conversion with high sound qualityand supports batch conversion thus saving time and is compatible with different operating systems.

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