keyboard_arrow_up Rolled out Bicycle Plastic Marked Cards for Poker Enthusiasts

China -, a top-notch manufacturer and supplier of marked poker cards and other types of poker cheating devices, launched Bicycle plastic marked cards . According to the manufacturers, the marked Bicycle playing cards closely resemble the original Bicycle playing cards, a particular brand that is a hot favorite among poker players worldwide.

“The plastic Bicycle Prestige marked playing cards are processed by original Bicycle playing cards, manufactured by the namesake American manufacturer. These cards are washable and durable. At present, we are offering blue back and red black marked cards, with each of the back colors sharing the uniform pattern”, said a sales officer.

“Buyers should check the product image to locate the small white corners with light blue markings of car markings in all these marked cards. However, one must wear infrared sunglasses and infrared contact lenses to play and successfully cheat their opponents. These cards are suitable for Texas holdem poker games”. The officer added during a press conference held here in Guangzhou, where the company’s only manufacturing unit is located.

According to the executive,, or Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co. now offers a vast range of poker cheating devices that include Da Vinci marked cards, Copag marked cards, Modiano marked cards, bee marked cards and several other types of marked cards. The Biycycle plastic marked cards, as the owners revealed, are now high in demand among Texas holdem poker fans.

“We saw a huge surge in demand for this particular type of marked cards and accordingly, we decided to launch these special marked cards. It seems that the Bicycle cards are burgeoning in popularity and we need to capitalize on this huge popularity of marked poker cards”, said the CEO during a recent press event held at his office in Guangzhou.

“We are quite happy to see that marked cards are getting increasingly popular all across the world and we want to state in this context that we have also stressed lately on production volume increase so as to meet the growing demands for this type of cards. The launch of the Bicycle plastic marked cards speaks volumes about our business objectives and market outlook”, he added.

About the Company is a China based manufacturer of poker cheating devices.

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