Coastal Federal Credit Union Introduces Go Green Money Market Account

Coastal Federal Credit Union has launched a brand new deposit account, Go Green Money Market. This unique product is designed to work in tandem with Coastal’s popular Go Green Checking account. Coastal rewards members with active Go Green Checking accounts by paying a higher yield on both their Go Green Checking and their Go Green Money Market account.

Go Green Checking and Go Green Money Market work together by counting the debit card transactions from the member’s checking account each month. As a member conducts more debit card transactions, they qualify for higher dividend tiers on both accounts.

Go Green Debit Card Transactions per Month

Rate Tier

Go Green Checking

Go Green Money Market Yield

30 or more












Go Green Money Market is ideal for consumers who either have reached the $50,000 limit on Go Green Checking, or for those who want to earn a higher rate for using their checking account but prefer to keep their checking and savings balances separate,” said Chuck Purvis, Coastal’s President and CEO.

There is a balance limit of $50,000 on Go Green Checking and $100,000 on Go Green Money Market. Balances over those limits earn the base rate, currently 0.10% APY. Rates are subject to change without notice.

“The combination of these products provides a unique benefit by giving our members the opportunity to earn above-market rates,” added Chief Retail Officer Willard Ross. “We compared local competing checking and money market products, and it’s easy to demonstrate how someone could earn ten times as much in dividends at Coastal.”