A new age in lighting has dawned A single smarter bulb replaces the rest

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius and a lot of
courage to move in the opposite direction." - Albert Einstein

The LED revolution and energy efficient evolution bring about a completely new light bulb. Its simplicity of use and design cloak its unique ability to replace every bulb in the home. It changes shape, brightness and direction of light. It last for years and uses less than ten watts. It
acts like any bulb and every bulb, thus its name... ACT BULB. aka

ACT's Patented LED technologies includes a directional control built into each of these bulbs named The Actuator. This new control allows the operator the ability to refocus a portion of the light and energy from the lens down through the body of the bulb. Back light, up light or
down light can be dispersed via manipulation of this ring around the crown of the bulb. An Ovation feature is also new and patented. Its a built in neck extender which is manually deployed so The ACT Bulb can fit into any table or wall lighting fixture and or hang down to sit flush with the ceiling when installed into recessed lights.

ACT BULBS use only high CRI* LED chips in their bulbs to bring the very best quality light into a space. Being energy efficient no longer means compromising the visuals of a space or the need to bring hazardous materials into the home as found in CFL spiral lamps. ACT LED's
contain no hazmats.

Control is the essence of freedom and luxury. ACT BULB are all high lumen and utilize a universal bulb design. Created to be a
global product with a universal 80-240V power supply. This one bulb will replace any bulb with a standard screw base in table lamps, wall and ceiling light fixtures.

A One Year home trial is another first in the world of light bulbs. As these bulbs are designed to last for years and years ACT LED CO. wants people to have no reason not to bring ACT into their homes.

ACT was created by Randall Satin, President of 1-800 NY BULBS (since 1988). The same LED Technology found in ACT can currently be found at Google, Chanel, Gucci, Bloomingdales, YSL, Faberge, and Fairway.
“After specifying, supplying and installing professional grade lighting equipment for decades in premium commercial space, I wanted to create a bulb that would offer all the benefits of LED simply and affordably. Thus a one bulb solution” Randall Satin - Founder /

Advantages of ACTLED bulb:
  • 1 ACT LED will last as long as 24 Standard light bulbs. Replace every standard base bulb type in the house to last for generations.
  • 50% of all LED BULBS are returned to the point of purchase due to the fact they did not fit. ACT Brand LED bulbs have a patented built in neck extender to fit in almost all incandescent fixtures.
  • ACT Brand LED Bulbs utilize a 2835 Chip type that yields up to 125 lumens per watt. We drive the chips at 100 lumens per watt and that is why our 9.9 watt lamp produces 990 lumens.
  • ABSOLUTE CONTROL - ACT LED Bulbs have been universally designed to replace any type of 40 Watt-75 Watt standard bulb used in your home.
  • INTERNATIONAL INPUT VOLTAGE - a universal power supply in the bulb so the same bulb can be used globally with no restrictions or voltage changes.
  • COOL to touch
  • One Year in home trial
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN - no re-wiring is required. Screws in as any regular household bulb! would • MONETARY GAIN - Investing $100 in ACT LED bulbs yields $1000+ dollars in energy savings over the course of the bulbs life when replacing standard bulbs.
  • RICH VOLUME of changeable lighting emitting a volume of rich ambient light.
  • NON - TOXIC - Contains no mercury or hazardous materials.

ACT LED is a high end commercial grade lighting product that has been reshaped for the homeowner. The patented features of ACT is what makes it unique. Designed with the very best components and Led’s. No other LED bulb gives as much control over your environment, financial and health as ACT LED Bulbs.

About ACT LED: Randall Satin is the President and Co-Founder of 1-800 NY BULBS, LTD. Randall Graduated from George Washington University establishing 1-800 NY Bulbs in 1988 he has shaped great spaces with light over the past 25 years including Google, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, St Patrick’s Cathedral and many more.

Index: *Color rendering index (CRI) of a light source is a quantitative measure of its ability to reproduce the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

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