FIFA 17 Technical Director Interview: the Frostbite Engine

FIFA 17 features many firsts for the franchise, among them is the use of the Frostbite? Engine to power the game. We talked with FIFA Technical Director Ed Kilham to find out what Frostbite brings to the FIFA franchise on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


For those that don't know, what is Frostbite??

Frostbite is the tech platform that powers many of EA’s games including Battlefield?, Need For Speed? and fifa4coin Fifa 17 Coins.


When did the team decide to move to Frostbite for EA SPORTS FIFA?

The decision to move to Frostbite happened before I arrived on FIFA. The team has worked for more than two years with FIFA 17 and the Frostbite engine.


Why is it important that FIFA 17 uses the Frostbite engine?

The overarching goal is to leverage the abilities of many of our game teams to produce an engine that delivers world-class games. For FIFA, the move to Frostbite allows us to develop new features that were not supported by the previous engine including the new cinematic story mode in FIFA 17, The Journey.