Announcing The Launch Of KEARZ Mini Bike Pump with 260 PSI in US Market

August 15, 2016. Announcing the launch of a new brand of bicycle accessories KEARZ and its first product, a high quality micro bike pump now available at KEARZ mini bike pump can reach up to 260 PSI and with its high volume is able to air tires easier and faster. KEARZ bike tire pump is 7.7” long pump with a separate hose which reduces the strain on the stems and thus prevents themfrom breaking or bending.. The bike pumpis very efficient, asthe hose tightly attachesto a valve, preventing any air leakage. This bicycle air pump is exclusively available at its product site

The KEARZ bike pump is compatible with Schrader and Presta valves without using special adapters or exchanging valves. KEARZ is suitable for any kind of bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, BMX bikes, kid’s bikes and others.

The KEARZ bike pump comes with free bike accessories such as an adhesive puncture repair kit, ball needle and balloon valve. KEARZ assures customers of their product’s quality and provides 100 percent satisfaction.

A quote from an customer: “A great tool for adventure riders, families, casual trips, or use around the home. If you are looking for a compact pump to store on your road bike I would look elsewhere but this product does what it says and works just fine for my usage.”

More information about the KEARZ mini bike pump is available from its official site and from their Amazon product site .


About KEARZ:KEARZ is a brand for high quality bicycle accessories. The company is a small European company with a mission to deliver an excellent customer experience by providing high quality products and service and meeting customers' needs.  KEARZ wants to become a reliable choice for customers and a well-recognized high quality brand. KEARZ wants their customers to have the ultimate riding experience with their products. More information about KEARZ products is available at

KEARZ markets their bike pump initially on the U.S. market, but as a representative of KEARZ, Ms Kate explains, their products can soon start selling on the European market as well. KEARZ also offers bike tail lights sold under the product brand Fox Sportive