China Yeast Industry 2017 Forecasts

Yeast industry belongs to the mature and concentrated industry in the world, there are about 300 yeast manufacturers globally, of which, the top five enterprises account for about 67% of the market shares. Lesaffre has 40 yeast factories in the world, and the annual production capacity of active dry yeast is approximately 300 thousand tons; the annual production capacity of Mauri, Angel Yeast, Gist-broced and Lallemand respectively are 250 thousand tons, 150 thousand tons, 100 thousand tons and 100 thousand tons.

In recent years, the compound annual growth rate of China’s yeast output reached approximately 14%, now the production capacity is 330 thousand tons with increasing demand in China, leading enterprise Angel Yeast accounted for 45%-50% of market shares.

Market concentration in China’s yeast industry is higher, the leading enterprises have bargaining power. There are about 18 yeast manufacturers in China, of which Angel Yeast, Mauri and Lesaffre add up to 12 factories, accounting for 78% of production capacity. The Oligopoly competition is mainly among Mauri, Lesaffre and Angel Yeast.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview of Yeast Industry
1.1 Overview of Yeast
1.1.1 Introduction
1.1.2 Main Yeast Products
1.2 Cost of Production

2. Development of Global Yeast Market
2.1 Global Yeast Market Scale
2.2 Key Countries and Regions Market
2.3 Global Market Trend

3. Development Status of Yeast Industry in China
3.1 Output in China
3.2 Competitiveness in China
3.2.1 International Competitiveness
3.2.2 Competitiveness in China

4. Raw Materials of Yeast Production and Demand in China
4.1 Raw Materials Supply
4.2 Demand

5. Key Enterprises in China’s Yeast Industry
5.1 Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. 
5.1.1 Basic Information
5.1.2 Overall Development Status
5.1.3 Management and Marketing Strategy
5.1.4 Angel Yeast (Binzhou) Co., Ltd. 
5.1.5 Angel Yeast (Chifeng) Co., Ltd.
5.1.6 Angel Yeast (Lli) Co., Ltd.
5.1.7 Angel Yeast (Chongzuo) Co., Ltd.
5.1.8 Angel Yeast (Suixian) Co., Ltd.
5.2 AB Mauri
5.2.1 Basic Information
5.2.2 Overall Development Status
5.2.3 Meishan Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd. 
5.2.4 Harbin Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd. 
5.2.5 Hebei Mauri Food Co., Ltd.
5.2.6 Yantai Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd.
5.2.7 Xinjiang Mauri Food Co., Ltd
5.2.8 AB (Harbin) Food Ingredient Co., Ltd
5.3 Lesaffre
5.3.1 Overall Situation
5.3.2 Lesaffre (Mingguang) Company
5.3.2 Guangxi Danbaoli
5.4 Zhuhai Ziying Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
5.5 Guandong Jiangmen Center For Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
5.6 Shandong Xiwang Yeast Co., Ltd.
5.7 Qiqihar Tailong Food Co., Ltd.
5.8 Friendship Jiuding Yeast Co., Ltd.

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