pH Balance Supplements from Green Gold Nutrition

Green Gold Nutrition, a leading nutritional supplement brand, features pH balance supplements in their line of products. These supplements are part of their wider product range, catering to customers with different hormonal and nutritional problems.

[MEMPHIS, MI, 6/18/2014]—Green Gold Nutrition, a leading brand when it comes to nutritional and hormonal supplements, includes pH balance supplements in their roster of products. This is part of the company’s effort to improve their lineup and make it more flexible. This effort is in line with their goal of catering to those who want to improve other aspects of their health, like stabilizing the body’s pH levels.

Balanced pH, Healthier Lives

Green Gold Nutrition explains that the average adult body is made up of 70% water. Given this figure, it’s important that the body maintains a pH level of 7.4 to keep itself clean and regulated. Otherwise, there will be lack of oxygen and an increase in acidity within the system.

Many people have trouble maintaining their body’s pH. Green Gold Nutrition addresses this problem by offering two products: pH Care capsules and pH Balance Test Strips.

pH Care capsules are a solution meant to help maintain acid/alkaline balance. By taking these pills, the user can easily reduce the acidity of the body while increasing its alkalinity. Each capsule contains 1250 mg sodium bicarbonate from which the sodium is 27.36%. Users will have to take the capsule as needed 2 hours after a meal or snack. They may also choose to take it one hour before meals. Green Gold Nutrition advises, however, that users should test the urine’s pH before taking the capsule.

For a more comprehensive way of maintaining the body’s pH balance, Green Gold nutrition also offers test strips. The strips can be used to test the urine or saliva


About Green Gold Nutrition

Green Gold Nutrition is one of the go-to brands in Memphis when it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle. The company is a leading provider of products that improve hormone balance, pH balance, and nutritional balance. The company treats their customers like family. This belief serves as the main driving force behind their untiring efforts to derive their products from natural sources. Other than providing products that promote better health, Green Gold Nutrition has a blog where customers can learn about developing a holistic approach to health. They also conduct live events where customers can ask questions and learn more about healthy living, and host a weekly radio show on Metro Detroit’s 103.5 WMUZ entitled “The Empty Harvest.”

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