Community Banks Offer Personal Service and Great Rates

In today’s uncertain economic climate, it can be tempting to choose low costs over great service. But it is possible to have both. And in many cases, great service can even help you save money in the long run – especially when it comes to banking.

Lotus Bank of Novi, Michigan is a community bank that mixes the reasonable rates of a large bank with the personal service of your favorite hardware store. The bank and its customers have provided some examples of how great service can save their customers money, time, and stress.

Usha’s Story

Lotus Bank’s Assistant Banking Manager Usha had a customer she dealt with regularly who told her that his health was such that he was not expecting to live much longer. He asked Usha to look in on his wife and help her keep her finances organized, since he had always been the one to take care of the family’s finances. He placed his trust in Usha, and she kept her promise, helping the man’s wife with organizing and preparing paperwork and helping her on financial decisions.

Had it not been for Usha, the woman would have not only had to deal with a tremendous loss, but also likely would have had a more stressful time getting her finances in order and could have potentially made an error that would cost her in the long run.


Jeremy’s Story

A Lotus Bank customer was in the checkout line about to purchase some building supplies when he realized the purchase would exceed the purchase limit on his debit card. He called the bank, since he needed to purchase the supplies that day, and reached Operations Manager Jeremy. Jeremy quickly granted a temporary increase so the customer could make the purchase without exceeding his limit and racking up extra fees.  Had it not been for Jeremy, the customer would have not only had to deal with the embarrassment of a declined card, but also could have had to pay extra fees or interest on another form of payment and / or delay his project


Rob’s Story

When a Lotus Bank Branch Manager Rob received a check and instructions from one of the bank’s commercial customers, he knew something wasn’t right. He investigated the situation and called the customer. He found that the check was part of a check fraud scam, where the company would receive a large check with more money than what was originally agreed upon, then later instructions to wire back a portion of the money.  Had it not been for Rob and his proactive efforts, the customer would have been subject to this scam and could have seen the company’s accounts and information compromised even further.


In each of these situations, customers didn’t just receive great service, but also were able to save time, money or headaches as a result. So the next time you’re looking for a financial institution or company to patronize, keep the real value of service in mind.