The Idea Of Traditional Trading Is Revolutionized By Algo Capital


Algorates is a reputed name in the modern trading world. This company has introduced the concept of algo trading in the modern market.

Algo Capital has become the most trusted organization that has accelerated the path of algo trading.  This is a highly technical form of trading that includes lot of analysis and complete perfections. Several premium organizations across the world are found to depend of automotive solutions of the robots, to confirm the maximum accuracy, in the financial ground. Market researchers have ensured that almost one third of the trading in the reputed stock exchanges of Europe and United States are done by robotic solutions. This is a report of 2006 and the number has manifested to almost 73%, within consecutive 3 years. This has affected the volume production of US equity market in a positive way.

Apart from this, one of the most respected stock exchanges of the world, London Stock Exchange has depended on robots, almost up to 40% in the same year. However, the number has boosted up to 70% in 2013. 45% the total orders of foreign currencies are traded by these automatic solutions as well.  These robots are supervised and programmed by humans.

As per the senior analyst of Algo Capital, Mr. James Roth,”The competition is fierce. We are constantly modifying and improving our algo-trading robots to stay ahead and improve our results. But the combination of split-second market analysis and decision making by the robot along with our human traders' experience and expertise has proven an unbelievably successful combination. At the end of the day, robots will never be able to completely replace human traders. There are aspects of the market that only humans can understand.”

The concept of robotic intervention in trading has inspired people to a great extent.  Samarra is a regular trading analysis of the market. She comments, “The trading scenario is getting changed, with every passing day.  I have recently come to known about the robotic intervention for Algo trading. I was absolutely fascinated with the idea. I think, trading needs a lot of complicated calculations s and several other technical aspects, which often gets a little easier with the help of these robots. I believe that, there would be a time when I would not be surprised with the idea any more. I am really glad with the technical up gradation of the industry and looking forward to have the best results of the same at the earliest.”

Algo trading is the latest trading technique. Robots are used for this trading system.
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