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China – The useful Wireless Presenter has many names which could emphasize different function for this useful device. Someone call it the remote laser pointer because it can be used for remote computer or other electrical devices; someone call it the laser pointer because it can be applied to turn the page in the presentation; it was also called the PPT flip pen and this means that the Wireless Presenter could be mainly used in the controlling for the PPT flip occasions. Other names such as the remote electronic pointer and laser flip pen also base on the special function and technical features of this device. Now, apart from these colorful names, let the engineer from best Wireless Presenter manufacturer China Guangzhou Vesine Electronics Tech Co, Ltd wireless presenter tell people the detailed information about this product.

The Wireless Presenter should be the combination of the USB technology and the wireless signal transmission technology, which could be used for controlling the computer to turn the page of the presentation files. The function of this device is the equivalent of a computer remoter.

Generally, this device typically contains a transmitter and a receiver. The out shape of the receiver just like the U disk, which will automatically install the appropriate driver when had been plugged into the computer USB port. After installation to the computer, people could press the button on the transmitter to achieve the related wireless computer controlling. This should be very convenient for each people who usually have presentation in the meeting or classroom.

The engineer from Guangzhou Vesine Electronics Tech Co, Ltd also explains that the wireless presenter products usually apply two sorts of transmission signals which are infrared and radio frequency. It is indeed that each reader should already establish quite familiar with infrared products, such as TV remote controller, air conditioning controller and remote controller, which all utilize the infrared technology.

The wireless presenter supplier belongs to one sort of RF directional products. As long as no large area can act as a shield metallic barrier between the emitter and receiver, this product can be used normally. However, the cost for this product is very large but its no direction feature will let people get more convenient result. That is why this product is very attractive for these people who usually have presentation such as teachers and products manager in each company.

The Wireless presenter from Guangzhou Vesine Electronics Tech Co, Ltd own lmost all functions people need to use in the presentation. And, the price of their products is much cheaper than that of other supplier in China. If people have interesting about their products, please visit their website.

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