Let Measure CP Handle Mystery Shopping Your Business and Keep the Holiday Rush Up

Mystery shopping could help your company excel in 2014.  As a business owner or operator, have you ever considered using mystery shopping to learn more about the success of your organization? Mystery shopping can be an incredibly useful tool to find out if your employees are being ambassadors of your brand, and if your customers are getting the best customer service possible. Measure CP has an army of people ready to go mystery shopping in the neighborhoods where your business is located. Our mystery shoppers can perform traditional mystery shopping, audio/video mystery shopping, phone or online mystery shopping, and more.

To assign mystery shopping jobs to our shoppers, we first put our shoppers through a rigorous certification process to ensure familiarity with the DNA of your operation. Anyone can sign up to be a Measure CP mystery shopper, and as we begin to understand what your needs are as a client, we can narrow down the field through shopper certifications and demographics. The diversity of Measure CP mystery shoppers helps us ensure that we can match the right shopper to the right mystery shopping job. Because we work with a large amount of companies and a huge pool of shoppers, we can match our mystery shopping jobs up to the shopper who is most interested and most suitablet. After all, we understand that if someone is excited about the work they’re doing, they’ll likely do a better job. So why not apply that philosophy to mystery shopping?

The knowledge you’ll gain as a business owner from Measure CP’s mystery shopping services is invaluable. Because our mystery shoppers are highly trained and knowledgeable, they will be able to provide detailed, helpful insights showing if your customers are being served in the best possible way. Mystery shopping can also tell you if your store has a functional layout, if your displays are clearly set up, and if your employees are acting in accordance with your policies. When you know what the customer wants, and you can fine-tune the experience they receive in the store, you can boost sales and keep the holiday momentum going all year round.