Naperville’s Trusted Towing Services Authorities

Based on annual global road crash studies and statistics more than twenty to fifty million people meet a vehicular accident every year accounting to 2.2 percent of the total percentage of deaths yearly around the globe, and with the radical increase in the number of cars manufactured each year this rate continues to increase exponentially. In some cases, not all accidents are avoidable, trucks and cars break down unpredictably sometimes for a variety of reasons from faulty brakes to dead batteries and you never know when you’re going to need to call for towing Naperville IL services. Regardless of the reason, whether it be simple lock-outs, flat tires and jump starts or collision recovery and roadside assistance, Classic Towing Services Naperville is a call away for professional, swift, and stress free towing services.

Classic Towing should be at the top of your speed dial list for expert towing service and roadside assistance when you’re caught in an accident or roadside collision, whether a simple accident or a wreck. Their offices are outfitted with global positioning satellite systems to get to the scene fast and ready to move your car securely and damage-free to relocate your car, tool box, or freight fast and at an affordable price. With round the clock roadside assistance, catering round the clock in intense weather conditions and late at night, Classic Towing is always just a call away.

Classic Towing offers an opportunity to experience the finest and latest technology and equipment in the towing world with their state of the art innovative environment friendly green emission Hino flat bed towing trucks and Dodge wrecker type self-loaders. These trucks have low profile beds ingeniously designed to sit much lower than the standard flatbed towing trucks. This clearance makes way for an inclination to load vehicles with low ground clearance without causing any damage to the bumper, valance, or exhaust. Trucks are equipped with soft nylon tie-down systems, no hooks or chains that pull, bend or scratch the vehicle.

For wrecker type towing services in low clearance and little space such as parking lots and busy alleyways, each wrecking tow truck carries heavy duty dollies to enables easier towing for four wheel drive vehicles with all four wheels off the ground. The latest Dodge wrecker type self loaders are eco-friendly geared with the latest technological advancement in diesel particulate filtration systems which meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency 2013’s strict specifications on emission standards.

Classic Towing’s roadside assistance team of technicians for lock-out, flat-tire, jump-start, rollback services as well as tool box and motorcycle transportation are experts in their trade. Lock-out service technicians are qualified, knowledgeable and have the most advanced equipment in the industry to unlock car doors without damaging the lock for all new and vintage models. All trucks fit each tire using air compressors to loosen tough lug nuts to fill tires to the proper PSI levels according to each car manufacturer for their flat-tire mechanics to rapidly respond to put a spare on your vehicle using an air gun to torque lug nuts then secure the wheel by torque wrench. The company has been running for more than 2 decades, assuring customer satisfaction through superior artisanship and technique tried, tested, proven and improved throughout their years of experience.