Crucial and Ortiz

How do you achieve your goals in music?  You live, breathe, sleep, and sweat it! Much easier said than done, and a reality for two of Denver's up-and-coming rap artists, Crucial & Ortiz.  Set to drop their first collaborative mix tape onMay 8th, these guys are standouts among the crowd. 

Catching up with Ortiz, mid-shift, was likely pretty much indicative of his current lifestyle.  Creating a balance between following his dreams and working the day shift to bring his dreams to life.  With him, it's much more than meets the eye.  He's done extensive research on Partial Wave Duality-which is the theory behind the blueprint of how we as humans interact with every thing in the world.  Using this information, Ortiz brings science to his rap game and cross-references his knowledge and experience to relate to his audience.  He attributes listening to music 24/7 and being on stage as some of his primary inspiration. 

Crucial, just the brand new age of 21, has been recording since he was 13 years of age.  Originally from Chicago, Illinois-where most of his family still resides, Crucial is now in Colorado with the support of his Mom and brother.  His typical day is getting up early in the morning and recording, staying true to his freestyle form, before he heads off to his desk job. He has 'a song a day goal' and knows the importance of building his catalog. 

Together they collaborate as the perfect mix: Two young guys going after their dreams, starting with the Colorado nightlife.  Denver is especially in a prime limelight with the explosion on the Cannabis scene. Crucial states he "feels like the city's popularity is healthy for him." Rather it's performing for a small group of people or a sold-out crowd over over 100 fans, these guys are ready.  They are putting it all on the table to take over the city, getting the buzz going, and get their hand in the game!

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