keyboard_arrow_up Releases a New Line of Samsung Galaxy Note 3S Capacitive Touch Stylus Pens

USA - Mobile phone accessories are abundantly available in the market, both in physical as well as online stores. It is the quality and pricing of these accessories that often confuse the smartphone users while making a purchase., one of the leading online stores, which sellssmartphones and accessories like Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cases , and iPhone cases, recently released its new line of Samsung Galaxy Note 3S Capacitive Touch Stylus Pens.

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The pricing of these stylus pens starts at just $19.99, and they are designed for ensuring utmost user comfort, and convenience. Moreover, maneuvering them on the screen of Galaxy Note 3S is quite seamless, and it allows even the first-time stylus user to make use of them quite easily.

Talking about the light weight design of these pens, the media person at stated - “Lightweight design makes this stylus easy to control and amazingly accurate. It is styled similarly to a premium-writing instrument, plus it is small enough to fit into the Galaxy Note 3 handset. The tip of the Samsung Galaxy S Pen simulates a finger touch, tap or swipe to provide a full touch-screen environment without leaving any fingerprints behind.”

Mentioning how versatile these stylus pens are, the web marketingmanager of the online store went on to explain - “Once you get hooked on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s S Pen for taking notes, you won’t ever want to go back to just using the on-screen keyboard. The S Pen allows you to make quick notes, draw or edit along with all other typical touch-screen commands. Customer can also use the pen’s multifunction button with shortcut gestures for even faster input.”

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