New Social Venture Launches Adding To Whistler’s Tourism Scene: Gibbons Life gives back to the community by offering one-of-a-kind getaway packages

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, April 22, 2014 – Launched on April 19, 2014 Gibbons Life is a new trip building site that puts 100% of its profits back into the Whistler community. Leveraging a 35-year history in Whistler, Gibbons Hospitality Group has created this new brand to showcase innovative packages that offer authentic experiences for visitors from sun up to sun down, and beyond. Aimed at adults, the trips connect with guests by using key activity and business partners, as well as locals and event organizers. Gibbons Life specifically works with people who put Whistler on the map through their sporting prowess, and passion for arts and culture.

Gibbons Life is built on a social mandate to help Whistler sustain and develop its event line up and support key community initiatives that make this mountain town the best in can be. From small grassroots initiatives like local art nights and the sponsorship of sports teams, to larger events that bring the world to Whistler, Gibbons Life has developed a unique social venture model, which they’re applying to the tourism industry. Their first supporting move was to donate $50,000 to the Big Air event during the World Ski and Snowboard Festival, that was being cut due to budget constraints. As an iconic event of the festival it would have been a great financial loss to local business owners and a blow to Whistler’s reputation as an extreme sport Mecca.

The mind behind the social concept is Joey Gibbons. The president of five of Whistler’s most long-standing nightlife establishments, Joey saw an opportunity in the market to create trips that showcase Whistler’s authentic side, while at the same time giving back to the community. Gibbons Hospitality started back in 1979 and over the last 35-years has seen Whistler grow and develop - Joey wants to see that continue.

“We want to share the Whistler way of life,” explains Joey Gibbons, Founder and CEO of Gibbons Life. “By giving visitors an authentic experience where they really connect with the heart and soul of Whistler – its community – then they’ll come back time and time again. I believe Gibbons Life can be that link.”

A Q&A with Joey Gibbons can be found on the website here:

About: Gibbons Life is a social venture that puts 100% of what they make into the Whistler community. Gibbons Life will be the world's personal connection to Whistler, leveraging a 35-year history in the area to develop unique trips that give guests an authentic experience they won't forget. For more information visit: