ChicagoBentley, a leading commercial carpet producer, is celebrating the cultural mosaic of new-age traveling caravans and the quest for intricate craftsmanship with the introduction of the New Bohemian Collection at NeoCon 2014. NeoCon, North America’s largest exposition and conference for the interior design profession, is held in Chicago, June 9-11.

The New Bohemian Collection will be on display at Bentley’s Merchandise Mart Showroom, Suite 1098, and also across the street in the company’s flagship showroom, 220 West Kinzie Street, 2nd Floor.

“Our centerpiece introduction here at NeoCon this year, the New Bohemian Collection, is the perfect example of what our customers expect to see from Bentley: enduring and timeless characteristics infused with bold and visionary style,” said Ralph Grogan president and CEO of Bentley.

The Merchandise Mart showroom will feature a full-size replica of the back of an elaborately decorated horse-drawn caravan that is characteristic of new-age nomadic communities.

Bentley at NeoCon: Hosted Lunch, Tarot Card Readings, Cocktail Party

“Again this year, we are inviting NeoCon attendees to take a break from the crowds and long lines at the Mart food court and nearby restaurants, and join us for lunch across the street at our Kinzie Street showroom on Monday and Tuesday, from 11:30am until 1:30pm,” said Sherry Dreger, Bentley’s vice president marketing. “We’re also offering tarot card readings, inspired by the New Bohemian Collection, on Monday from 11am until 7pm, and again on Tuesday from 11am until 2pm.”

The company is also hosting a cocktail party featuring DJ Jam and specialty cocktails at the Kinzie Street location, on Monday, from 4pm to 7pm.

New Bohemian Collection

"This has been a particularly exciting year for Bentley, one that continues to be defined by change and exploration. As these themes became muses for our design studio, The New Bohemian Collection began to take shape,” said Todd van der Kruik, vice president of design for Bentley. “There is a certain sense of comfort and freedom in the thought of a road open to endless possibilities. We began to see adaptation becoming a lifestyle, a signifier of individualism and even luxury, as heirlooms and flea market finds gain prominence in our lives and ground us in ways that new materials just cannot. That is the essence of The New Bohemian Collection.” 

The collection brings three large-scale styles to life while celebrating the beauty of wear. The patterns, Vagabond™, Wanderlust™ and Troubadour™, unearth the patina of time with curated colors and a patchwork of pattern. The collection features Antron® Lumena™ fiber and is available in 18x36 and 24x24 NexStep® Cushion Tile and AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile.

Transcending all commercial markets, The New Bohemian’s three styles work together harmoniously, or stand alone to add artistry to any space. The intricacy of the patterns is achieved through the innovation of Antron’s new 895 fine denier solution-dyed fiber system for high texture and precise patterning. The collection’s fiber arrangement captures the beauty and color of these radiant yarns.

Light Play Collection

Designed with legendary architect Robert A.M. Stern, Light Play is a coordinated collection of carpet tile by Bentley and upholstery by CF Stinson designed specifically for contract interior applications requiring compelling design and high performance.

“Working in tandem with the team at Stinson to coordinate pattern and color, we created the carpet styles in Light Play to carry the vision of the design studio at Robert A.M. Stern Collection from the wall to the floor, and everywhere in between,” said Mr. van der Kruik.

Light Play presents a suite of two carpet patterns and five fabric patterns that are synergistic and designed to be used together, all inspired by the play of light and shadow on architectural elements: light glinting off balusters, shining through window blinds, and streaming through grilles; the chiaroscuro effect of light washing across architectural moldings; sunlight striping a textured surface. The collection carries forward RAMSA's modern traditional approach to furnishings informed by architecture.

Both of Light Play’s carpet patterns, SoHo Dawn™ and Melrose Dusk™, are made from branded Antron® Legacy™ type 6,6 nylon fiber. These patterns are available standard on Bentley’s time-tested NexStep® Cushion Tile and AFIRMA™ Hardback Tile backings.

See Melrose Dusk installed in CF Stinson’s Merchandise Mart showroom, suite 10-150.

About Bentley

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