NutraNomics Introduces the PLAN Pack for a Healthy Life

[Salt Lake City, 01/27/2014] – Nutranomics, a renowned supplement company in the United States, offers an affordable and rewarding way to stay healthy. As the latest statistics from the CDC show that 39 million Americans were restricted from certain activities due to long-term health problems, NutraNomics believe that a balanced lifestyle can help their clientele reduce their risks of diseases and manage health problems properly. With their PLAN pack, customers will receive the company’s core products and enjoy substantial discounts.  


The Plan Pack

According to NutraNomics, optimum health comes from Purification, Longevity, Assimilation, and Nutrition (PLAN).

NutraNomics’ Total Body Detox helps customers go through the detoxification process successfully. Unlike other detox programs, the company’s detoxification supplement cleanses and purifies the body’s five major organs: skin, lungs, liver, colon, and kidneys.

For longevity, NutraNomics offers PhytoNutrient, a powerful antioxidant designed to protect the body from free radicals. PhytoNutrient also slows down the aging process and enhances the hair, nails, and skin. The company says it is often called the “youthful” supplement.

According to the supplement company, food should be in their simplest forms for maximum absorption. Total Systemic Enzyme aids in the process of assimilation, as it converts food to the smallest components. It helps the body absorb minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.  

The Works is a nutritional supplement with the most complete set of mineral complex and multi-vitamins. With its bioavailability, taking The Works ensures that customers receive proper nutrition daily.             


Preferred Customer Program and Rewards

To support customers in maintaining their health and well-being, NutraNomics offers discounts and NutraPoints. Under the preferred customer program, patrons may enjoy a 37% discount on the PLAN pack and 25% on other products. Customers only need to sign up for monthly autoship to benefit from the program. Clients who create free accounts on NutraNomics’ website can participate in NutraPoints Rewards. To earn credits, members should share NutraNomics with their friends. Members receive 10% of the value of their friend’s purchase as NutraPoints. Customers can use their points to buy NutraNomics’ products.     


About Nutranomics

NutraNomics is a research and development company founded by Dr. Tracy K. Gibbs in 1995. After two years, the firm produced and branded their own product line. NutraNomics aims to promote health and longevity through self-awareness and education.

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