Southeast Asia Traders Selected Value Fund Welcomes New Manager to Advisory Team

Southeast Asia Traders today announced the addition of a new partner to the management team of Southeast Asia Traders Selected Value Fund. Mr. Quin Hai Tao joins two other investment advisors in managing the almost $1 billion mid-cap value fund, which has utilized a multi-manager approach.


Quin Hai Tao currently provides investment advisory services to three other Southeast Asia Traders funds. Southeast Asia Traders established a relationship with Quin Hai Tao when it selected him to manage Southeast Asia Traders Singapore, a $47 million, domiciled fund available only to Singapore investors. Quin Hai Tao has also managed portions of the $250 million Southeast Asia Traders Emerging Markets Select Stock Fund since its inception and the $1.3 billion Southeast Asia Traders Quantum Fund.

“We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Mr. Quin Hai Tao,” said Mr. Wang T. Wenbo, CEO and Chairmen Southeast Asia Traders. “He has an impressive investment view and disciplined approach to value investing. The Selected Value Fund has employed a multi-manager approach for some time, and we expect the fund will benefit from the addition of Mr. Quin Hai Tao  to the advisory team.”

Mr. Quin Hai Tao approach utilizes a fundamental, bottom-up, deep-value-oriented investment strategy. The firm seeks to buy good businesses at low prices, focusing exclusively on companies that are underperforming their historically demonstrated earnings power.


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