Lyndex-Nikken Launches New Shrink Fit Machine

[Mundelein, 1/17/2014] – Lyndex-Nikken, a trusted manufacturer and provider of heavy-duty tools and machineries, has launched a new shrink fit unit,along with 10 shrink fit holders and free upgrade to balance able tool holders. The Start 2 Shrink Fit System provides easy set up procedure and operation.

Special Features

Lyndex-Nikken’s Start 2 Shrink Fit System is a compact and economical machine designed to shrink and unshrink different types of cutters and tools such as HSS, carbide, heavy metal, powdered metal, and more. The unit’s cooler and shrinker are linked and controlled by a single pendant.

Other remarkable features of the product are the following:

• Compatible with all holders with different geometries
• Quick, Safe and Easy to Use
• Shrinking time cycle: from 2 to 7 seconds
• Shrinking 2-40mm with the same inductor
• 220V power allows for mobility. Plug-in & Go
• Removable electronic pack allows service within 24 hours
• Inductor rotates 180º to allow easy removal of broken tool
shanks and small diameter tools
• Auto detect eliminates the need for setting of cutter shank
• Compact table top with big range (2-40mm X 370mm height)
• 14.68”(373mm) of travel

For a limited time, Lyndex-Nikken will offer the Start 2 system at $9,950 inclusive of accessories.

Other tools included

According to Lyndex-Nikken, buyers will also receive a tool pot (CT/BT 40 or 50, HSK63A), a high capacity inductor, 5 pieces of induction ring set, a flexible control pendant, a high performance cooler unit (CT/BT 40 or 50, HSK63A), 5 pieces of cooling bracket set, and an operation manual. With a long history of premium products and professional services, the company aims to continue providing advanced technology and innovative machine solutions to their clients.

About Lyndex Nikken

Lyndex-Nikken is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality machine tools and accessories. Some of their products include live tooling products, rotary tables, and tool holders.The company has offices worldwide and is located in 17 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

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