Mitico Offers Parks and Recreational Equipment

MITI Manufacturing Marketing Services, a privately owned Colorado Corporation abbreviated as MITICO offers Parks and Recreational equipment in the form of Automated Iron Ranger. The Miti Vend MV-1 Series as the fee collection terminal machinery is called is a multi-lingual and automated Sticker and Decal Issuing equipment designed specifically for Parks and Recreational zones requiring high-end restructuring and interface changes.

The Miti Vend Series comes with an 8.4 inches wide touch-screen interface and locking cover for use during service lockup or off-season for rendering the machine optimum safety. The equipment can be custom programmed according to the specific needs of the park and accepts payments in various modes such as credit cards, Smart Cards and cash payments of myriad denominations. Users have complete, access to the user-friendly system for any sort of fee collections, issuing receipts or permits, printing and dispatching of boat stickers, recording donations and the likes. Because of the unique security features of the Hardware and software systems designed by Mitico, the chances of breaking in or vandalism are minimal with automated voice recorders embedded within the equipment to provide the menacing parties with verbalized warning.
Revealing more about Mitico’s Iron Ranger Miti Vend Series, the spokesperson of the company quipped, “Mitico takes pride in designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced fee collection terminal equipments specifically crafted for Parks and Recreational areas with customized programming available in each of the machinery. Our Miti Vend MV-1 series gives you hassle-free, secured means of collecting fees and donations through multiple payment option modes and issuing receipts in the form of decals, permits and standardized cards. A number of features in the equipment such as sensors and sound detectors, recording facility through video and photography and time and date of logging combine to boost the system’s security. With such vast spectrum of programming options users can experience impeccable efficiency in fee collection processes.”

In addition to the above emergency communications are deployed automatically to the Headquarters, Ranger Station, Fire Departments and the likes. The equipment is also harnessed with features for cash collection in full and partial, transaction reports given in details according to date, type and period and unlimited potentialities with regard to networking, interfacing and programming.

Added the spokesperson, “MITICO employs some of the top-notch professionals in computer programming and software development, along with experts in fabricated metal, mechanical and electronic engineering, as well as those with credentials in marketing, installation and shipping. The result- ultimate customer satisfaction, with equipments, which range high in quality and at the same time, are user-friendly and multi-faceted in nature. Whatever is your park and recreational needs get in touch with us and we would be more than glad to help.”

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About Mitico

MITI Manufacturing and Marketing Services is a renowned Colorado Corporation, which has been in business for over two decades designing and manufacturing equipments like Immobilizers, Decontamination Equipments and those used for Parks and Recreational areas. The company is harnessed with experienced professionals assuring development of top quality equipments with widespread applications for optimum client satisfaction.

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