Sleepless in Cleveland?

Ah….sleep.  Most parents know their sleep patterns will change when they have children. Some sleeplessness should be expected, but Parenting Expo Cleveland speaker Carolyn Stulberg says there are several proven ways to teach children to go to bed happy, willingly, without rocking or a battle. From the extinction method to extended bed sharing, sleep for both the parent and the child can be achieved.

“Many parents stress over the type of method. Wondering what works best,” says Carolyn. “In reality, the method does not matter. Consistency does.”  Parents are best-served understanding and accepting the universal trusts about sleep. 

  • Sleep begets sleep – especially true in babies. Babies who are better rested will sleep better overall.
  • Schedule is more important than location. If a child sleeps each day around 1 p.m. and a parent is out with a friend for a long lunch, let the child sleep at the restaurant or in the car at 1 p.m. Be more concerned with the time of day that the child is used to falling asleep than waiting to put the child at home in the crib.
  • Sleep habits are achieved when the child learns to put herself to sleep. This can be a very challenging habit for parents. It’s important to put the child to sleep when she is awake and leave her bed/room before she falls asleep.

Carolyn Stulberg is the mother of four and grandmother of six, and has spent 35 years as an educator and childcare expert. She has worked in the pediatric wards and neonatal intensive care units of hospitals, taught prenatal, postnatal, parenting, grand parenting and breastfeeding classes, developed her own courses for creative play and current concepts in infant care. 

A Cleveland native, Carolyn speaks nationally about parenting at professional gatherings, spouse groups at medical conferences, and parenting expos.  Driven by her commitment to providing nannies and newborn care specialists with high quality education and placement opportunities, Carolyn founded Alexandria School in 2007, which has recently taken its curriculum online. She has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and is a Certified Childbirth Educator.

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