Pack Got Jump – Your Very Unusual iPhone Game to Kill Time

Have you ever seen and played a goat game? Yes, a goat! If not, then why not give a try checking the Pack Got Jump. This a pack goat on a jumping adventure! Goats are natural jumpers and are used as pack animals in many backcountry adventures.

To play this unusual and very entertaining game, you must add jet pack fuel so that they can fly. Add weaponry and they can take down their enemies!

The player can run and jump on platforms to avoid the enemies - the wolf, the cougar, and the troll. You can escape from them but it is more exciting and thrilling if you shoot your enemies down.

The following are best features that make the game more addicting and worth killing your time:

Crunch oatmeal squares to gain points for more power ups:

Magnet to attract and crunch more oatmeal squares.

Spring to increase bounciness and jumping ability

Jetpack fuel will make your goat fly and float effortlessly across the board.

Machine Gun will allow you to destroy enemies in a satisfying way.

Hard hat will protect you from enemies for a short time.

Practice and run as far as you can. Compare your distance run against your friends (or enemies) in Game Center.

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