Local Taco Shop Offers Mexican Food in Santa Monica with a Twist


Mondo Taco, a local taco shop, offers Mexican food in Santa Monica with a twist; all of their delicious flavors are inspired by different cultures throughout the world. In order to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere for all of its customers, the restaurant boasts a cozy outdoor patio so that guests can enjoy Santa Monica sunsets and gorgeous views. The taco shop is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Bergamot Metro station. Mondo Taco is family-owned and sources a majority of their fresh ingredients from farmers markets and local, mom-and-pop shops.

If you’re looking for Mexican food in Santa Monica with a sunset, then Mondo Taco is the place to be. Their patio is cozy, yet spacious and provides a gorgeous view of the city. The restaurant recently debuted a Fresh Watermelon MondoRita, which is a delicious twist on a classic margarita. The drink is made with fresh blended watermelon and premium tequila.

This is the perfect spot for Mexican food in Santa Monica; the restaurant is well-known among their customers for providing a fun, yet relaxed atmosphere to enjoy food, drinks, games and specials like Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour. As a family-owned establishment, Mondo Taco is able to provide a personal experience to all of their customers that cannot be duplicated by chain restaurants.

About Mondo Taco

Mondo Taco is a local, family-owned taco shop located in the Heart of Santa Monica. They provide a delicious selection of flavors that can be enjoyed as a taco, wrap or bowl. They continue to impress customers with specials in the form of Taco Tuesday and Happy Hour. They also provide easy accessibility with free parking and a Metro stop just a few blocks away. They are located at 2200 Colorado Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310.310.8922).

Media Contact:
Dana Smith
Company Name: Mondo Taco
Phone Number: (310) 310-8922
Address: Santa Monica, CA