Topscom set to touch new heights in pcb assembly & EMS field, meet robust demand market

By diversifying its product portfolio and strengthening its workforce, Topscom is all set to improve its market share and conquer the industry leadership position. By: CEO Dr.Frank Wu

A global major in electronics manufacturing services and a leading supply chain solutions provider, Topscom has been present in china for over a decade. Topscom offers its services to world's most of the valuable brands and new ventures. It is focused on delivering complete design, engineering, logistics and pcb assembly & manufacturing services to 30 countries across four continents with annual revenues worth of $400 million in Mainland China.

What it offers by Topscom

Topscom provides end-to-end supply chain solutions that deliver design, engineering, pcb assembly & manufacturing and logistics services to a range of industries and end-markets, including data networking, telecom, industrial, capital equipment, automation, medical electronics, automotive, aerospace and defence, energy, mobile telephony, computing and other electronic product categories.Some of the products that are currently manufactured at Topscom' CIP include cellphone chargers, routers, optical networking products, food testing equipment, printer cartridges, etc, The CIP provides end-to-end manufacturing services ranging from PCB A assembly to box build, BTO, CTO, and Level 10 system integration services. Our service offerings and vertically integrated component technologies optimise customer supply chains by lowering costs, increasing flexibility and reducing time-to-market.

Pcb assembly& EMS business Strengths and limitations by Topscom

Telecom, optical products, power supplies, lighting, computing and LTE devices are some of the pcb assembly EMS manufacturing strengths of Topscom

Leveraging its manufacturing best practices, key investments in infrastructure and TopQ, a propriety quality programme, Topscom is one of the market leaders in every space it operates¡ªbe it high mix/low volume or low mix/high volume manufacturing. Optimisation is what Topscom does best. We follow several manufacturing best practices such as lean, Six Sigma, single piece flow, take time manufacturing, zero defect line, component level traceability, etc, Apart from these, the company has also adopted cost savings measures such as Kaizen and lean tools which includes 7QC, the 5WHY approach, value stream mapping, ETE productivity improvements, etc. The company also leverages its global supply chain strengths.

We religiously follow the strategy of providing exceptional quality and speedy delivery. We always strive to exceed customer expectations to retain our top slot among the top Pcb assembly EMS companies in china.

Topscom Culture for pcb assembly & EMS manufacturing

Topscom' culture is its strength, which is built on commitment to customers, employees and society. Corporate social and environmental responsibility is a vital part of Topscom' culture¡ªone that it proudly identifies as a sustainable competitive advantage. Our culture and business model work hand-in-hand to ensure simplicity, flexibility, competitiveness. More detailed info preview Http://

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