Acne Issues at that Time of the Month? Well Visit a Naturopath and Fix it

One common skin problem faced by women is Acne and a host of other skin problems.  Almost 100% of women treat Acne with skin creams and other medicines. However, what they do not realize is that they could be suffering from a health issues called as Hormonal Acne.

 The biggest issue is that this type of acne is no different from the normal acne women suffer. So how do you know if the acne breakout is connected to your hormones or it is a normal symptom? The first pointer is the timing. Normal acne can happen at any time of the month. However if you notice acne developing during or nearing your menstrual cycle, then it is a clear case of Hormonal Acne. Similarly if this acne develops when you are faced with any type of stress, then again it is connected to your hormones.

The question before you now is how do I prevent such breakouts? The answer is simple- Naturopathy. This refers to a course of treatment which does not depend on the usage of any kind of medicine. As the word suggests, this treatment focusses on the use of natural foods to help balance out all the issues faced by your body.

This treatment can be availed only at licensed practioners called as a Naturopath. Now who is a Naturopath?   The Naturopath is an individual who starts by looking at your medical reports and other symptoms in an attempt to diagnose the source of the hormonal imbalance. They will check your eating and sleeping habits and then co-relate them to the reason for Hormonal Acne.

Next the Naturopath will suggest a course of treatment. This treatment involves three different factors. The first is the dietary factor. Here you will be advised as to the type of diet that has to be followed by you. More often than not it includes increasing the number of different fruits and vegetables in your diet. However these have to be organic and completely devoid of any chemicals.

The second factor is adjusting your lifestyle. Your hormones go out of sync because of the fact that your lifestyle is hectic and not as per your body cycle. Hence the naturopath will suggest the corrections that need to be made to help get your lifestyle aligned to your body’s cycle.

The third factor necessary to correct Hormonal Acne are natural supplements. These are supplements made from herbs and plants and have no chemicals in them. They are given initially to help your body make the adjustment faster.