My Energy Geek Announces Free Home Energy Evaluations

My Energy Geek, an energy company specializing in solar, efficiency and otherwise green energy solutions for homeowners, has announced that it will offer a free home energy evaluation to potential residential customers.

The home energy evaluation, which is estimated by My Energy Geek at a $399 value, will be available to a limited number of potential customers who indicate their interest by filling out a form on the company’s website, listed below.

The evaluation, My Energy Geek announced, will be performed by one of their highly-trained employees. The evaluation is stated to analyze a home’s energy consumption and determine the areas—both of the home and the home’s energy system—in which the energy is not being provided efficiently. The evaluation would then determine the current cost of these inefficiencies to the homeowner and provide a detailed plan aimed at reducing costs. According to My Energy Geek, the evaluation often reveals that strategies are available to lower the customer’s energy bill; occasionally, the evaluation may reveal the possibility of completely eliminating a customer’s power bill over the course of time with green energy-generating systems.

My Energy Geek indicates in their offer of the evaluation that it includes a focused survey of the heating and cooling of the home, usually the greatest contributing factors to the total utility bill. Examples of the aspects of a home’s heating and cooling system covered in the free visit include the A/C unit, duct work and insulation. The evaluation also covers another significant factor in a homeowner’s energy bill—the hot water tank. Windows, doors, outlets and light bulbs are also inspected per the energy company.

The energy company My Energy Geek was established in 1999 with a focus on green energy solutions for homeowners. The company’s mission, broadly stated, is twofold: to provide customers with cost savings and promote positive environmental actions. With a home’s energy system being a significant driver of the home’s value over time and its status as an asset to the owner, My Energy Geek is committed to reducing the cost of a home’s energy bills. The company does this primarily through increasing efficiency and offering investments in green energy systems. Additionally, the green energy company maintains an awareness of the positive environmental impact involved in their work. Improving the quality of the broader global environment, the local household environment are among the stated core values of the company.

Among the specific energy efficiency solutions offered by My Energy Geek are energy-efficient appliances; attic, window, garage door and reflective insulation; ventilation and air sealing solutions. They also offer green energy products that power your home using solar power. Over time, these solar power generation solutions have proven to gradually reduce your energy bill and even, in some cases, phase out the bill entirely over a period of years. These solar power products are subject to programs like tax incentives and financing that can help a homeowner subsidize the initial cost of the equipment.

More information on My Energy Geek, their products and their free energy evaluation is available on their website

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