Save money with solar power

Installing solar panels to generate electricity is green power and saves money

July 8 ,2014 - Solar power is a growing field of energy production across the globe because it is green, inexpensive in the long run and can even make money for the panel owners.

In the UK, the government has a feed-in tariff that allows solar panel owners to s=put excess electricity back into the grid.

“That’s more money in your pocket,” said Wylie Mar, director of SolarEnrg Central. “If you have enough panels to meet your household or business needs, then you are saving money because you are not drawing from the grid. If you have excess power production, then you get to sell that back to the grid. We find many of our customers do have extra power so solar panels are a sound fiscal investment as well.”

The panels require very little maintenance and are totally silent. Mar said this is often a strong selling point for customers.

“They want something that is green and they don’t have to worry about. Solar panels are that and more,” he said. “All you need is sunlight. Making this even better, the panels can be installed on a roof. Use that space to generate power and money.”

More and more governments are moving toward parking lots covered with solar panels because of this, he said.

“Unlike a lot of things our elected leaders put on us, solar panels are good for the government and good for you,” Mar said.

Today’s solar panels are also tough. Most can stand up top being hit with a bat. They also last for decades.

“Most people are surprised at how durable the panels are,” Mar said. “They are built to last and hold up to the elements.”

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