Photographer ANDREW STUDER Delivers A Hiker’s Dream in New Pacific Northwest Inspired Time-Lapse Video “RESTLESS”

PORTLAND, OR (August 11, 2015) – Rising 20-year old professional Photographer ANDREW STUDER reveals a hiker’s dream with the all-new original time-lapse video, RESTLESS, inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

RESTLESS explores some of the most dramatic and diverse locations the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Over two years in the making, RESTLESS shares an estimated 85,000 photos shot on location throughout Oregon, Washington and Canada in just 4 ½ minutes.

After graduating high-school, Studer set his sights as a photographer on the dynamic and ever-changing terrains he experienced as a hiker. The young photographer spent countless all-nighters, camping trips and spontaneous outings to the mountains with his gear to capture his vision. The long hours continued once he headed into the editing process, selecting each individual photo and putting them together for this story of natural beauty. To bring the images to life musically, Studer brought in his good friend, composer James Everingham, to create the original score.

Not only does RESTLESS take its viewers on a picturesque journey, but it delivered a personal one for its creator. An Oregon native, Studer first began filmmaking while taking a video production class during his junior year of high school. He quickly discovered time-lapse films online and released his first video “Time” in 2013, which opened the door to landscape photography. Studer headed to college to study cinema and media communications, all the while spending all his spare time shooting RESTLESS. Growing more ‘restless’ himself, it was during this same time that Studer came to realize his own true path from amateur to professional photographer.

Studer is excited by the finished film, adding "I hope that ‘Restless’ does a good job showing you why I think that the Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places on earth."

Specializing in time-lapse and outdoor adventure photography, Studer is always on the road creating content.

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