Evan Guthrie Law Firm Goes Over Special Needs Trusts At Lowcountry Autism Forum In Charleston, SC

Attorney Evan Guthrie of the Evan Guthrie Law Firm in Charleston, South Carolina spoke about special needs trusts at the Lowcountry Autism Forum In Charleston, SC on Saturday September 7th 2013 held at the College of Charleston. The event highlighted information and resources for parents and family members of those with autism and was open to public to learn more about autism. There were several top national, regional, state and local speakers that were able to share their knowledge and educate the public about a condition that affects the lives of many throughout the country. Attorney Evan Guthrie and his law firm were among many resources available to provide information for attendees of the Forum that included attorneys, financial professionals, educators, non-profits, medical providers, and many more resources. The event was held on the campus of the College of Charleston in both the Sottile Theater and the Physical Education Center. Mr. Guthrie spoke about the importance of having a special needs trust in place for someone with autism. A trust for someone with special needs can help prevent the loss of governments benefits paid due to having too much assets. For a person with autism, having too many assets or money or property in someone’s name can disqualify them from being eligible for Medicaid or other benefits. A trust keeps that money or property out of the name and reach of someone with special needs and restricts the uses that they money can be spent on. These basic uses of the money held in trust can help or supplement government benefits paid to someone with special needs and provide for little extras that may not be able to be afforded living on benefits alone. Parents or other family members that wish to leave an inheritance to a special needs child can do so safely by leaving it in a trust.

Attorney Evan Guthrie was joined at the event by many of his law clerks including Jasmin Wilson, Sarah Cielinski, and Tyler McDonald  who were on hand to help answer questions and interact with attendees of the conference. Mr. Guthrie enjoyed being able to be a part of the event that is so important to so many in the Charleston, SC area and to the many of those that attended from places farther away. Attorney Guthrie looks forward to being able to take part in this event for many years to come.

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