Security Operations Courses for School Leavers from Gateway Academy

[Brisbane, January 22, 2014] – Gateway Training Academy, a fast-growing registered training organisation based in Queensland, offers Certificate III Guarantee programs. These include nationally recognised qualifications, including Certificates II and III in Security Operations.


Cost-effective and Rewarding Solutions for School Leavers

According to statistics, many school leavers in the country are looking for real-word work experiences and trainings. From 2007 to 2011, trainees and part-time apprentices increased by thirty-four per cent.  To support school leavers, Gateway Training Academy offers special rates for candidates who want to enrol in their Certificate II in Security Operations. According to the company, qualified students under the Certificate III Guarantee program can take the training program for only $49. An enrolee also receives a 9.7” tablet pre-loaded with all course materials.


For non-school leavers, Gateway Training Academy offers Certificate II in Security Operations for only $144.

Enhanced Employment and Career Outcomes

According to Gateway Training Academy, Certificate II in Security Operations is perfect for students who need flexible class hours. This also suits individuals looking for work experiences and opportunities to improve their interpersonal skills. 

Certificate II in Security Operations from Gateway Academy is composed of seven core units and five elective units. It also includes three additional units, which qualify students to apply for licenses for crowd controller and unarmed security guard. Students also receive first aid certification. Upon completion of the program, a student receives a job interview with a respectable security company.


Students can take the course through a five-day workshop at the training facility of Gateway Training Academy in Brisbane. Enrolees may also choose distance learning for the theory component of the course and a two-day workshop in the company’s training facility.  

Flexible Payment Options

Gateway Training Academy offers different payment options for non-concessional students and concessional students. This gives school leavers an opportunity to choose the best way to finance their training. 

About Gateway Training Academy

Gateway Training Academy is one of Australia’s rapidly growing and reliable registered training organisations. The company aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the country’s workforce. Through their state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled personnel, Gateway Training Academy offers remarkable experiences and opportunities for school leavers and non-school leavers. 

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