Connoisseur-level Massages from Spa Pure

[HAWAII, 03/27/2014] – Known as one of Hawaii’s leading spa centers, Spa Pure offers connoisseur-level spa treatments as perfect alternatives to the usual services commonly found in Hawaiian spa centers. Clients can choose from three different types: Rhythm into Space, Now That’s What I Was Looking For, and Salt and Pepper.

Rhythm into Space

With a unique combination of traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage and shiatsu methods, this treatment alternates pressure point focus using broad, invigorating, and tension-alleviating strokes of the forearms. Spa Pure therapists softly hold the pressure points to release pent-up tension, resulting into the sensation similar to space expanding within the body.

Now That’s What I Was Looking For

A customer-favorite, this treatment puts emphasis on alleviating muscle pain through highly concentrated, repetitive strokes and releasing stress build-up from the entire back, shoulders, neck, and other affected areas.

Salt and Pepper

For this treatment, stretching and rhythmical compression are balanced through the use of traditional effleurage oil massage and passive range of motion. This technique stimulates production of synovial fluid inside the joints.  With an added combination a continuous warm and relaxing effleurage, gradual arm, leg, and spine extensions result in mild myofascial stimulation.

About Spa Pure

Spa Pure is one of the leading spa centers in Hawaii offering various spa treatments, massages, and health products and services for tourists and locals, all at affordable rates. The spa center offers a range of health treatments, spa packages, skin and facial care treatments, and different massages aimed at relaxing the client’s body, soothing muscles, and revitalizing the skin—all in an elegant, intimate day spa setting. Its team of licensed professionals combines traditional therapy methods from Hawaii and Asia with state-of-the-art techniques from around the globe.

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