LEAGOO M5 Introduces the First Nano All-Metal Closed Frame to the World

The emerging shock-proof smartphone, LEAGOO, proudly introduces the latest innovation in technology as it continually brings unexpected surprises to its users. This band has recently launched M5 which carries the first Nano “All-metal” closed frame including 2.50 bulletproof glass. These features provide the ultimate protection that no other smartphones have.

Many smartphone users have issues with their devices. The most common one is that they easily break their phones whenever they accidentally drop them. The unusual smartphone feature of LEAGOO M5 is made up of CNC-cut making it perfectly compact, along with its back cover and front panel. The first Nano “All-metal” closed frame boosts resistance capability. There are several interesting things to discover about this revolutionary smartphone feature. It is the newest feature that are not present among other regular smartphones in the world.

In LEAGOO M5, it uses 2.5D military bulletproof glass instead of vulnerable glass which is applied on regular smartphones. Furthermore, M5’s unbreakable glass is both durable and works well for better anti-scratch performance. What makes it more interesting is that the 2.5D glass shows concise and unique look while it brings incredible smooth touch experience. M5 also features 5.0-inch display made up of 1280 x 720 screen resolution. In return, it delivers vivid image. M5 display’s contrast ratio is 900:1 that gives rich color and sharp image. This feature is perfect for those who love to download and watch movies or sports on their devices. Other minor features that complete the package are 8 MP rear camera, 5MP front-facing cam, 4P lens, and F/2.0 aperture. All these characteristics give an awesome experience for shooting photos. Users can also enjoy the autofocus function for image stabilization. These are only some of the features that smartphone users want to have in their devices.

There is great advantage received in LEAGOO M5’s ultimate shock-proof feature. The company created an innovative product which is packed with powerful ability to give maximum shock protection for LEAGOO M5 users. The release of this brand’s new unit helps a lot of smartphone users from various parts of the world. The company has been consistent in giving smart options and products that give excellent life to its clientele.

LEAGOO is a new brand of smartphone device which has been introduced in April 2014. It is a name owned by Shenzhen OTEDA Technology Co., Ltd. to meet the need for providing excellent and top quality smartphones. This company has earned years of experience in the industry of mobile communications. It has rich supply chain resources and Research and Development expertise making it a well-known smart device brand globally. It is known to provide exceptional customer care that is also reflected in its products.

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