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Brandon, Mississippi U.S, January 18, 2015. Losing contact lenses frequently can be a cause of ordeal with a lot to spend on replacements. With the launch of EyeCatcher, avail a better way to handle contact lenses without having to lose them to maintenance especially for regular users.

With the life of contact lens users not being quite easy as these products require regular maintenance, there is a huge chance to keep losing them down the bathroom sink at the most inconvenient times or absolutely anywhere. There have been several situations with contact lens users when they tend to drop these in unhygienic places. It can be tough to locate the lens at all times and re-usage without proper cleaning can cause infection to the eye. EyeCatcher is here to resolve the increased risk of losing contact lenses during cleaning or insertion. Whether a regular wearer or a newbie to contact lenses, EyeCatcher not just saves time and money, but provides peace of mind as well!

EyeCatcher is ergonomically designed that fits sinks of any shape, size, whether at home, hotel or even a public restroom. The product works exceptionally well with soft or ridge gas permeable contacts. This prevents contact lens wearers from having to use unconventional methods such as paper towels, which is not just messy but time-consuming too. The effective EyeCatcher creates a barrier in the sink drain, while allowing easy flow of contact lens solution when rinsing, thus providing a suitable technique to handle contact lenses with ease.

After having been diagnosed with an eye-disease Keratoconus approximately 15 years ago, Lucretia Williams the idea behind EyeCatcher came up with the interesting concept to facilitate easier contact lens usage. The revolutionary product is all set to improve contact lens wearing without the fear of losing them through bathroom sink drainage, at home or elsewhere. The stunning invention has certainly made it simpler to conduct effective contact lens maintenance without having to worry about unnecessary hassles such as losing them through the bathroom sink suddenly.

EyeCatcher has not just made it convenient for easier contact lens maintenance for avid lens users, but even new users. Parents of teens are a bit hesitant to get them contact lenses for the risk of losing them during insertion or cleaning. With the latest release, parents can now make the purchase without worrying about loses or replacement costs. Teens can effectively use contact lenses as there is no fear of washing them down the drain. EyeCatcher is the perfect product for everyone and parents can be reassured that their children do not lose them and face inconvenience.

Losing contact lenses is rather a hassle for anyone. While losing them down the bathroom sink without a spare to replace can be quite frustrating. In fact, frequent loss of costly contact lenses isn’t the most feasible. EyeCatcher is the solution to avert all such issues for a stress-free contact lens usage, anytime anywhere! To know more about the product, please visit

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A revolutionary product, EyeCatcher has been conceptualized by Lucretia Williams. The affordable EyeCatcher is the best way to prevent flushing down contact lenses through the bathroom sink. For more information about the product, please visit


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