Lockey Maisonneuve’s “Let It Go” Workshop Comes To Los Angeles Arts Collective

Special Guest Instructor Brings Her Successful Program to the West Coast for the First Time 

Westchester, CA - Los Angeles Arts Collective (LAAC), is hosting a very special “Let It Go” Workshop designed and hosted by Lockey Maisonneuve.  The program, held Sunday, August 17, from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, will be the first time this successful event will be held in California. 

“We all have an IT,” Maisonneuve says.  “Death, divorce, illness, addiction…whatever IT is that is holding you back, we will figure it out –together, in a safe environment – and how to let IT go and move past what is holding you back!”  Over the three-hour workshop, participants will alternately write, move through yoga poses, share stories, and learn breathing and meditation techniques.  Attendees can expect to “talk, laugh, and journal about our experiences.”  No previous yoga experience is required, and anyone age 16 or older is welcome to attend.

Lockey Maisonneuve is a New Jersey resident, and a survivor of breast cancer and of childhood sexual abuse.  Her own journey to healing began with yoga, which helped her establish a mind/body connection that showed her she “is not a sum of the worst parts of her past.”  This inspired her to not only get her yoga certification, but to create the “Let It Go” Workshop to help other people find their own path to inner peace. 

Maisonneuve has been featured in Shape, Mantra Yoga + Health and Origin Magazines, and is a regular contributor to both Positively Positive and Mind Body Green.  She has been featured on television and radio programs and is also the founder of “MovingOn from Cancer,” a rehabilitative exercise program for breast cancer survivors.

Los Angeles Arts Collective is thrilled to be the first California location to host the Let It Go Workshop.  Registration is available online by visiting, or in person by paying the $45 Workshop Fee at the studio’s front desk.  Participants are asked to bring a journal, and may bring their own yoga mat or borrow one from LAAC. 

Los Angeles Arts Collective is located at 8939 South Sepulveda Boulevard, , on the corner of Sepulveda and Airport Way.  LAAC opened its doors in June of 2012 with two state of the art dance studios and a smaller room for private coaching, acting, and voice lessons.  It is owned and operated by Marissa Moses and Lisa Hamor, who was previously the owner of Vergari Dance Center and its proud 30 year history of dance in Westchester.


For more information, please contact Jamie Gregor  at (310) 663-7636.