8 Reasons to Buy a New Home Instead of a Resale

When making the decision to buy a home, you have your choice of purchasing an existing home (“resale”) or a brand new construction.

Some people immediately gravitate toward the resale, because they can often pay less and don’t have to wait to move in. But what comes with the perceived cost and time savings?





If you were to attach a price tag to those factors, you would discover that the real value lies in purchasing a new home. Here are 8 reasons to choose a new home instead of a resale:

1.    Move-in ready. This is what almost every homeowner desires. Move in without making any changes—from changing the wall colors or flooring to major renovations. With a move-in ready, new home, you save time, aggravation, and the expense of bringing someone else’s house up to your standards and tastes.

2.    Lower maintenance costs. You save time and money on fix-ups because everything in the house, on the house, and around the house is new.You can enjoy more free time because your new home has been designed for easy maintenance.

3.    Energy efficient. The new homes being built today utilize energy-efficient technology and materials, which provide you with savings on your utility bills. Energy-efficient appliances, windows, and heating and cooling systems complement today’s eco-smart home designs.

4.     No hidden problems. When you buy a used car, you probably have those nagging feelings that there’s something hiding under the hood, waiting to cause you grief after the purchase is complete. A resale home is the same. There are many issues that might not be evident during an inspection—like plumbing, wiring, termites, mold, or other structural problems that can accompany that “seasoned” residence.

5.    Safety. New construction means your home is built according to the latest safety and building codes, such as wiring. You can also have latest security features built in, rather than adding later.

6.    Personalize. You get to make all the stylistic choices, inside and out. You pick the wall and trim colors, flooring, kitchen cabinets, light and plumbing fixtures, and your builder does the rest!

7.    Warranties. Not only is your new home construction covered by the builder’s warranty, but so are all the appliances, flooring, roof, and other features and materials. You don’t have to worry about the cost of repairing or replacing anything while it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty!

8.    Fresh start. Ah, the new home smell! You walk in and realize that the memories begin now. You’re not living where others have come before you.

Before you decide on a home, consider all these factors, and you’ll probably discover that a new home gives you the most value and satisfaction. And think about moving into one of Epcon Communities’ homes, where you get even greater value: maintenance-free living and community amenities. Talk to us if you want to learn more about the opportunities.