How do electric gates Hampshire work?

An electrical gate is a convenient way to open or close a gate. It brings security to any perimeter where it is installed, more intimacy, and comfort. Electric gates can work in a variety of ways, depending on their type, size and manufacturer, but their mechanism is basically the same.

Before speaking about the working mechanism of electric gates Southampton or electric gates Hampshire, we must first say a few words about the most popular types of electric gates. These are swing gates that open inward or outward, and sliding gates that open from side to side.

Swing gates are recommended to residential and commercial users who have plenty of space for this type of gates. Such gates present a motor connected to them by a number of levers. Swing gates are mounted on pillars and may open inward or outward, depending on the available space there.

Sliding gates are gates that slide from one side to another to open or close. They are operated by a motor that makes the gate mechanism apply torque to the gate itself, in order to move it. Just like in the aforementioned case, motors for sliding gates have various capacities, to fit the weight of the gate.

The most important component of electric gates, whether they are electric gates Southampton or electric gates Hampshire, is the motor. Besides having different capacities to fit various gate weights, electric gate motors rely on different components to work. Some electric gate operators are hydraulic, while others are electromechanical.

Electric gates are programmed to open or close at the touch of a button that transmits wirelessly the instruction to move the gate. Automatic gates use power from the mains, but they can also be equipped with solar panels, to provide them with a similar amount of electricity. Some electric gates also present batteries that allow them to function when there is a power outage.

In case of an electromechanical gate operator, the gate opens or close after an electrical contact that makes its mechanical parts move. With a hydraulic gate operator, however, the move is generated by an electrical contact that make hydraulic fluids operate the motion of the gate’s components.

Hydraulic operators present mechanical parts, as well, only fewer than an electromechanical operator. When it comes to the power that operators generate, hydraulic operators are better than the electromechanical ones, however they are more prone to internal damage produced by the high pressures found inside them.

Both swinging and sliding gates can have underground operators that control the gates in accordance with other operators. Swing gates can use swing arm operators to open or close, while sliding gates can use slide gate operators to generate movement. Gates can be electric from the factory, or they can be transformed from manual gates to automatic ones.

An electric gate is a way to provide you with more security, comfort and convenience. It can even increase the overall value of your house, bringing an aesthetic appeal. If you look for carefully finished wooden gates, wrought iron or steel gates, enter our website and browse through our collection of electric gates Southampton and electric gates Hampshire.