The Future of 4K TV

Watching TV has become a favorite activity for most people today. As technology continues to improve, they have become even more demanding in the quality of picture, sound, and features that their TV provides to make their viewing time more enjoyable. For many, the introduction of 4K TV, also called Ultra HD, has given them their ideal TV, while others are always waiting on the next best thing. The future of 4K is expected to bring even more advanced features to what is now a TV with some of the most advanced technology.  

Too few people realize the importance of using the right equipment to set up their new TV, and the impact quality cables have in providing good performance. If you are going to purchase the best possible TV, then you should also purchase the best HDMI cable for any connections that must be made. HDMI stands for more than a style of cable. It is a High Definition Multimedia Interface connectivity standard that was developed and is incorporated by a number of leading electronics manufacturers.

What Is 4K?

To most people, a 4K TV just means that it provides a better quality of picture than previous HD models. The clue to understanding what makes 4K superior is in its other name, Ultra Definition. Definition comes from the number of pixels in the picture, and the 4K TVs have about 8 million. That’s about four times the number of pixels of an HD TV.

Potential Changes for 4K

Some of the changes that may occur to 4K in the future are curved screens, larger displays, and possible OLED technology that would replace the LCD which dominates the market today. The Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology results in TVs that do not require a backlight, and which have the capability to be much thinner; and also which result in improved contrast when pixels are shut off, to provide a true black. The drawback to this idea, so far, is that using the technology on big screens is expensive. The big hope for the future is that the cost of 4K TVs with OLED technology will be reduced enough to make them a better option for the average buyer.

For buyers who want consistent quality in 4K TVs, selecting a TV from one of the major manufacturers is the best way to go. While these brands are apt to be more expensive due to still-new technology and superior quality of manufacturing, they are also the ones most likely to provide the type of performance that viewers demand. After all, it isn’t just about the type of technology it operates with, but also the quality of the materials and construction, overall. While lesser-known companies may offer similar models, comparing two models side-by-side can be revealing about the difference in capability and performance.

When installing your 4K TV, always use quality cables. If hooking up more than one device, you will need a good HDMI splitter to send the HDMI signal to all of your devices. Another option you have is to use an HDMI adapter to connect your computer to the big screen TV, or a HDMI- supported USB cable to connect to the TV and play music, videos, and photos. Regardless of what the future holds for 4K TV, there is not likely to be a change of the HDMI standard that so many manufacturers follow now. While you may be ready to trade your TV in for a newer model, you can count on your quality HDMI cables to last you for a long time.

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