Free e-Book: "Getting Started with Pinterest"

Pinterest has powerful potential for small and mid-sized businesses. According to Pew Research Center in its Social Media Update 2014 report (posted 1/9/2015), 28% of online adults are now using Pinterest . To help businesses leverage Pinterest to win more customers and sales, Jackson Marketing Services now offers a complimentary e-Book to businesses that want to get started with Pinterest. "Getting Started with Pinterest" provides tips for setting up boards, using rich pins, and more.

Other key Pinterest stats covered in the Pew Research Center report include:
Pinterest's growing popularity among many important demographics makes it a great way to promote a business online. Download the "Getting Started with Pinterest" e-Book today! (

What Pinterest Can Do for Business

There are a number of ways Pinterest can help businesses reach more customers. It’s a great platform for:

  • Driving traffic. It’s not just friends and followers who will see a business's pinned content. Boards can appear in search engine results, giving the whole world access to a business and its products.
  • SEO benefits for business sites. Similar to backlinks from Facebook and Twitter, backlinks from Pinterest boards help raise a site's rank in search engines. The referral traffic from pins helps as well.
  • Lead capture & sales. Visitors click the links on profiles or boards, which then directs them to a website where the business can have an opt-in form for them to join a mailing list. Not many businesses currently do this, so it’s a great way to stand out in a specific niche. It can also drive prospects to a page where they can immediately purchase a product.
  • Brand building. Pinterest can help you build a brand. A properly optimized Pinterest profile will communicate the brand message and the pins will further demonstrate what a business is all about.
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