Artisan Plating Is First To Successfully Complete 18kt Gold Plating Of Apple Watch

LEONARD, MICHIGAN – April 24, 2015 – Not all Apples are golden but yours can be! After many months of planning, a highly experienced team from Artisan Plating and The Time Preserve confirm the first successful 18kt gold electroplating of the widely
anticipated Apple stainless steel watch on April 24, 2015. Services to the public will begin immediately and will provide a cost effective alternative to the 18kt gold Apple Watch edition.

In addition to the 18kt gold plating, Artisan Plating and The Time Preserve will showcase an extended collection of
highly sought after fashion finishes that include white gold (rhodium), dark ruthenium, and the classic 18kt rose gold. This collection provides watch enthusiasts with the choice of how they want to present themselves to the world and the style of time they keep on their wrist.

The launch of this special collection by Artisan Plating follows years of electroplating experience that dates back to 1973. The combined experience with The Time Preserve includes thousands of satisfied customers who witness the transformation of their beloved watches into personal treasures that they proudly display.

for this collection will be approximately in the $550-$750 range and involves specialists who carefully examine each watch and put together a detailed process to meet each customer’s electroplating preferences.

To learn more about how to have your stainless steel Apple Watch 18kt gold plated, please contact us at 248-821-3450 or email us at