Bottled Water and Cold Beverages Mixes Market - US - March 2014

Offerings that stress hydration, health, and convenience will support increased bottled water consumption. Consumers remain price sensitive in the category, and with so many choices, value will be what consumers fall back on. Products with higher price points need to be justified through unique flavors and innovation to draw in new users. However, the ultimate goal should be easy accessibility in a variety of forms.

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Scope and Themes

  • What you need to know
  • Definition
  • Data sources
  • Sales data
  • Consumer survey data
  • Abbreviations and terms
  • Abbreviations

Issues and Insights

  • High consumption of still water, but sales growth stalls
  • Issues
  • Insight
  • Consumers are drinking a variety of beverages and water products
  • Issues
  • Insight
  • Standing out in a crowded market
  • Issues
  • Insight

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