Cost to ship a car

How much it costs to ship a car is generally the first question someone asks while looking for auto transport shipping. The cost to ship a car can vary greatly and depends on many factors. Since auto transport carriers are independent companies they have their own pricing systems and price variables.


With so many variables that influence the cost to ship a car it is important to first know what you need. The most common factors are the weight of the car, the distance to be traveled, how quickly you need the car shipped, and the time of the year you are planning the move. Shipping rate calculators can help you obtain the basic cost of these variables. Though most realize these as common factors, they do not understand that so much more goes into calculating the cost to ship a car. For instance, current gas prices generally also affect how much the move will cost. Holidays and times when many are traveling raises the gas prices and could also influence the price of car shipping when you need to ship a car during these times. Location of pickup and delivery can also affect the cost to ship a car. As an example, your vehicle could need to be picked up or delivered to a place that is difficult to get to, such as steep mountain roads or tight residential areas. If additional permits or smaller trucks are required the cost to ship a car could increase.


Knowing all the details of the shipment you need, will help you find a reliable quote. It is a big commitment to ship a car and due diligence is the key. Many companies offer free, no obligation shipping rate calculators on their sites. You should find and utilize as many of these tools as you can. The location of the company does not need to be local because most travel nationwide to make deliveries. It is important to read any disclaimers on shipping rate calculators. Some companies do not guarantee quotes received from their shipping rate calculators, though some do.


Taking the time to research multiple companies is the key to finding a great price to ship a car. A simple search will generally bring up reviews from past customers. If someone has had a transport company run up the price to ship a car they tend to want people to know about it. Staying clear of companies that have too many complaints can save you a headache. Though, it should be known that in today’s world more people post about complaints than compliments. Shipping rate calculators are a very good way to shop around when deciding on a car transport company. It is advisable to still call a company representative before making a final decision on a company. Sometimes talking to someone can get you an even better price to ship a car than their shipping rate calculator will.


The cost to ship a car is affected by many different factors. It is best to know what you need and all the details of the shipment beforehand so you are not surprised by fees that have to be added later, due to the details not being communicated. Always research the transport company before you trust them with your car and don’t forget to take advantage of their shipping rate calculators to get estimates. Following these simple steps will help you find the best price available.