Protein Crystallography Market worth $1,253 Million by 2018

The Protein Crystallization & Crystallography Market by Technology (Ion-Exchange Chromatography, HPLC, Gel-Electrophoresis, NMR, X-Ray Crystallography), Products (Reagents & Instruments) & End-Users (Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies) - Forecast to 2018” provides a detailed overview of the major drivers, restraints, challenges, opportunities, current market trends and strategies impacting the global market, estimates and forecasts of revenue, and share analysis.

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The global market was valued at $775 million in 2013 and is expected to reach $1,253 million by 2018. The increasing use of crystallization for membrane protein structure elucidation, increasing R&D by big pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms, technological advancements, and increasing government funding are the major factors driving the market. New and innovative product launches by key industry players also boost the growth momentum of this market. Nevertheless, lack of qualified and experienced researchers and reduction in healthcare budgets are critical restraints for market growth.

The protein crystallization & crystallography market is consolidated, with the top four players, namely, Rigaku Corporation (Japan), Jena Bioscience GmbH (Germany), Hampton Research (U.S.), and Molecular Dimensions Ltd. (U.K.) together accounting for close to three-fourth of the market share; Rigaku leading the pack. The company offers intelligent and innovative analytical and industrial instrumentation technologies. Rigaku Remote, PlateMate, ACTOR, High Throughput CrystalMation, Alchemist DT, and single crystal X-ray diffraction instruments are the blockbuster products of the company. Rigaku also has easy access to all the regions worldwide as it has a well-established supply chain.

New product launches along with agreements and partnerships were the two most preferred strategies followed by the key players. Industry giants adopted these strategies to enhance their product offerings, increase their market shares, meet customers’ demands, and consolidate their market presence. In addition, government institutes such as NASA also focus on innovative solutions for crystallization in space.

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Major strategic developments take place in the field of protein crystallization and protein purification, which exhibit high-growth potential in the near future. Dominant market players such as Rigaku, Jena Bioscience, Hampton Research, GE Healthcare, and MiTeGen introduced several automated workstations and purification systems for protein purification and crystallization studies in order to sustain their growth in this market.

The electrophoresis technology, liquid handling systems & robotics, and reagents (crystallization screens and other reagents & consumables) are the blue-eyed segments for the players to invest in.

The use of X-ray-free electron lasers (XFELs) has recently been on the rise for 3D-structure determination. This is due to their wide range applicability and radiation-free structure determination which drive the crystallography market. In addition, lab automation with the help of fully automatic instruments such as liquid handling systems and robots are the emerging trends in the market. They present new growth opportunities for the companies.

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