Digital Media Sapiens (DMS) Announces Launch of New Website

Digital Media Sapiens (DMS), who provide end to end online marketing solutions to their clients in Dubai,announced today the launch of their website in a brand new avatar. The new website follows the DMS mantra of uncluttered and user friendly design. With growing user base visiting the site suing mobile devices, considerable effort has been put into improving page speed and optimizing user experience across number of devices. The new website showcases the skills of team DMS and also includes a sneak peek into the exceptional work they have done till now.

 “With the emergence of smart phones, it has become imperative to come up with a website, which should be customer-friendly and can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Being an internet marketing firm, it was essential for us to put make sure that our own website follows the SEO and usability best practices. The new website is designed keeping in mind all the usability data and feedback we had collected through various tests we had carried out.. The responsive layout makes it easier to browse the site from all devices. With clearly highlighted navigation menus and directional pointers, users can effortlessly navigate within the site.” said Ms. Sangeeta Butani head of operations at DMS.

Talking about the services offered by DMS Ms. Butani added, “We cover the entire spectrum of digital marketing including search engine marketing (SEM), Social media strategy consulting, social media for SMEs, Search engine optimization (SEO), Mobile marketing and websites, branding, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, and Infographics. This wide range of services at one place also helps us in staying ahead of our competitors. We believe in innovation and complete transparency in communication. Our clients have always appreciated the details we include while creating and presenting the reports and the growth we have managed to achieve for their businesses.”

For more information and to get in touch with DM Sapiens, visit company’s website at