Power ups all sit on Runescape Gold

Power ups all sit on the same base, so they have a common visual 

theme. To pick up a power up, all a player needs to do is run over 

it. When they run over it the power up spot will turn into an empty 

container and the player will benefit from its Runescape Gold . After a 

period of time, the power up will become active again, ready to be 

picked up.

The power ups break down into two categories: regular and super.

Regular powers ups have fixed and relatively short re-spawn times, 

and are active at the start of the game. These tend to give a 

player a helping hand, but won't make the player a killing machine.

Super power ups have a variable and long respawn time, are not 

active at the beginning of the game and can be as over powered as 

we are willing to make them.